Roster 2015-16

Check out the roster for the 2015/2016 season.  The roster is still under construction. Roster 1

Practices Have Begun!

Practices have begun! Feel free to come out, regardless of experience, and check out the JMU Wrestling Club.  For the first two weeks, we will focus on light drilling and lots of live wrestling.  Come ready to scrap and have fun! Dues will be collected Wednesday, September 16; they are $75 to practice, and $125 to compete.

The Ultimate Body Slam- An article by JMU wrestler Steven Cotnoir

“Handfight! Handfight! Handfight! Double leg! Sprawl! High Crotch! Sprawl! Sweep!” To anyone who has ever stepped foot into a wrestling practice, these are familiar phrases. To the average person, it just seems to be meaningless jargon. As my high school wrestling coach, Ben Summerlin, used to say, “You have to be at least half crazy to lock yourself in a padded room for hours on end and enjoy it.” The padded room he referred to is the wrestling room, a sweaty, smelly, and swelteringly hot place. Most people would avoid an environment such as this at all costs, but for wrestlers, its home. It’s where we lay the building blocks of success, where we build a foundation for greatness–a place where champions are made